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Teleleads Pro

PC Soft Optimizer Lite Edition

Tele Leads Pro Canada Consumer

Product Description:

Tele Leads Pro Canada Consumer is an unique software that will provide you with Canada consumer leads. This software will search for leads and download them in an easy to use format like Excel or CSV. You can then directly upload the downloaded file into any auotodialler and you can start your telemarketing campaign. Unique features of the software is given below: a) Eliminate Duplicate leads on the fly based on telephone numbers b) Export leads to both Excel and CSV c) Automatic insertion of country code d) Download hundreds of leads on a single click e) Insert the exported leads directly into the dialler f) Leads counter for both Raw and Filtered leads g) Easy to use interface h) You can limit the number of leads to be downloaded i) Search by City and State j) Lead search area and category fields are automatically generated k) Keyboard only operation for faster downloads l) Automatic updates m) Much ahead of any other software available in the market n) Excellent 24x7 after sales support

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